In my artwork I am interested in synthesizing different media of fine arts such as painting, graphics and mixed media. In this way I’m seeking to find how the properties of the researched phenomena can be best unfolded. Combining established media seen as the stereotypes leads to expressing the entire range of emotional and physical involvement of the artist in his work.

Building up on themes I explored in the past I’m currently engulfed in exploring the "stereotype vs. identity" theme. This is why the corn stone of the concept behind my planned project is the optical description of the ways an object or image is perceived creating a visual dialog when the view angle changes; and the dialog itself can change when the viewer moves within the physical space or changes its way of thinking about the object or image.

The art work that would follow such a concept will delicately challenge the stereotype thinking, stating that a system of cliché is in fact relative and can either be diluted or intensified depending on the viewing angle. The effect will be the one of entropy, whereby constructive interference will make development possible and open new opportunities.

since 2005 I  live and work in Munich, Germany


born in Bessarabia



Honorary Diploma,  Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, Germany


Academy of Fine Arts in Munich
Prof. Karl Imhof, Prof. Axel Kasseböhmer


Master’s Degree in Visual Arts        

The Art and Design University of Cluj Napoca (Klausenburg) Romania

Degree in Visual Arts   (Textile & Design)

The Art and Design University of Cluj Napoca (Klausenburg), Romania


Awards / Exhibition (selection)







day of Printmaking- Tag der Druckkunst.

Künstlerhaus, Munich

group exhibition  "die erste Narbe"
die Färberei Munich      

Artist in Residence at Cocosul rosu
OU-Galery, Chisinau, Moldova       

Grand Prix at the International Biennial of Graphik Arts                Republik of Moldova, Chisinau

“Tapetenwechsel“ Lithografie Exhibition 
Scholarship   Künstlerhaus on Lenbachplatz Munich
„Jahresgabe“ Association for original etching, Munich

Tokyo Screen Print Biennial, Japan

„spontan –young Masters“, Gallery Hegemann, Munich
„es geht Dir gut“ sollo exhibition, Gallery Atelier Collage, Saarbrüken
II. European lithography days, Munich
Graphik Exhibition Gallery Huber, Munich






Artist in Residence - Franz Masareel Centrum of Print  Arts, Kasterlee, Belgium

the National Award for Literature and Arts for 2009
Republic of Moldova

Hans-Rudolf Foundation Academic Scholarship

Munich, Germany

DAAD Academic  Scholarship, Munich Germany

solo exhibition „Femina“ UN House, Rep.of Moldova

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